Craft Center Participation

All Craft Center participants must be age 18 or over, or currently enrolled as a UO student (not counting auditors).

UO Student
Includes all University of Oregon students enrolled in classes and paying the Incidental Fee for the current term. Does not include students who are not enrolled at the UO, or UO class auditors (including Senior Citizen Auditors).

UO Student Partner
Includes anyone registered for the ASUO Dependent Benefit Program for UO student spouses, domestic partners, or children (over the age of 18).

UO Faculty/Staff
Includes faculty, classified staff, and officers of administration of the University of Oregon.

UO Faculty/Staff Partner
Includes UO employee spouses or domestic partners who are eligible for other partner benefits per UO Human Resources.

UO Alumni
Includes individuals who have graduated from an undergraduate, graduate, or similar program at the UO.

Community Member
Anyone over the age of 18 who is not part of one of the above categories.