Term Pass:

The Craft Center Term Pass is like a gym membership. It is the baseline membership in the Craft Center, and allows you access to studios, tools, and facilities throughout the term. When we’re open, spend as much or as little time as you like in each of our studios, provided there is no class in session*.

The Craft Center Term Pass is required for studio access. For students, faculty, staff, alumni, and student/faculty/staff spouses, it is all you need to start enjoying the Craft Center facilities.

Community members can purchase a Craft Center Term Pass for $45! In addition to the cost of the Term Pass, we do require that you enroll in a class valued at $35 or more, but that’s it. You, too, can enjoy using all of our facilities with the Craft Center Term Pass.

In most cases, there are no additional tools you will need to start making things today. However, the Craft Center Term Pass also allows you to check out tools and equipment to use in the Craft Center studios! We have them all waiting for you here.

*Please note that there are additional hourly rates for Hot Shop and Flameworking Shop, see below.

UO Student FREE
UO Faculty/Staff and Faculty/Staff/Student Spouse Term Pass $25
UO Alumni $45
Community Members Term Pass $45 plus a class with a value of $35 or more

Along with the Term Pass, there are additional fees for any of the hot-glass processes. These fees are charged only for the time that the student is actually using the equipment, and do not include warm-up or set-up time.

Glass Studio Use Fees must be paid in advance through the purchase of a Hot Shop and/or Flameworking Shop punch card. Punch cards are non-refundable or transferable, and cannot be held over to the next term. (10% discount on the purchase of a full 5 hour card.) To receive the Student Hot Shop Use Rate, the gaffer must be a current UO student. Assistants need not be students. The Hot Shop Use Fee includes a reasonable 10 pounds of clear furnace glass per hour for blown work, annealing, pipes, punties, jacks, shears, blocks, paddles, etc... Users must buy color from the Craft Center to assure compatibility.

Hot Shop

  • UO Student $25 per hour
  • All Others $40 per hour

Flameworking Shop

  • UO Student $10 per hour
  • All Others $15 per hour

Studio Use Fee includes the use of a torch, basic hand tools, graphite marvers, tweezers, flame safe glasses, Kevlar sleeves, etc...

Materials: The Craft Center provides a wide range of materials for purchase, as well as a few that must be purchased at the Craft Center in order to ensure compatibility. Both clay and glass need to be purchased at the Craft Center in order to ensure compatibility with glazes and other glass. The cost of your glazing and firing is covered in the material price. All other materials may be purchased here or from other suppliers, depending on your preference.


  • Dakota Red (stoneware) $18
  • Dakota White (stoneware) $18
  • MAC 10 (a whiter stoneware) $20
  • Porcelain $25

We also have a variety of ceramic tools for purchase at the Craft Center, should you wish to own your tools instead of borrowing them from us. Please see a craft center employee for details.


  • Borosilicate Tube $1-$7
  • Borosilicate Rod $0.25-$13
  • Boro Color $4-$5 per ounce
  • Uroboros Frit $0.65 per ounce
  • Uroboros Cane $2 per cane
  • Uroboros Stringers $0.25 each
  • Uroboros Noodles $0.65 each
  • Reichenbach Color $2 each
  • Reichenbach Powder/Frit $2 each

We also have a variety of glassworking tools for purchase, should you wish to own your tools instead of borrowing them from us. Please see a Craft Center employee for details.