From beginning to experienced students, the Craft Center's Ceramics studio provides all the tools and instruction you need to create both fun and functional objects. Through each workshop session, knowledgeable instructors will provide individualized guidance to develop techniques for wheel throwing, hand building, and glazing. Take classes in Beginning Ceramics, Raku Firing, Throwing and Altering, and much more. Tools available at the Ceramics studio include stoneware and porcelain clay, pottery tool kits, clay cutters, foam brushes, knives, probes, sponges, and ribs and trim tools.

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12 throwing wheels
Slab roller
Hand building areas
2 electric bisque kilns
High fire (cone 10) gas kiln
Colored slips
Food-safe glazes
Plus many tools to craft ceramic objects


What kind of glazes does the Craft Center have on hand?

We offer a range of colors in cone ten (high temp) reduction fired in a gas kiln glazes. They are food safe.

What is the difference between the clays you carry at the Craft Center?

We carry Dakota White, Dakota Red, Mac 10 and Grolleg Porcelain. Dakota White & Red are both stoneware clays where as Mac 10 and Grolleg are Porcelain clays. Dakota White and Red are more user-friendly and perfect for those starting out in Ceramics.