The Craft Center's Glass studio is the spot for all your glassworking needs. With different specialties, such as the Flameworking Shop, Hot Shop, Fusing/Slumping Shop, and the Cold Shop, you will be well on your way to creating an array of beautiful, glass objects.

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Glass working can be challenging to learn. It is hot, very physical, and not without the risks of burns or cuts. Anyone capable of working safely and properly as determined by Craft Center Staff may use the glass studio. • Participants are required to have basic skills and knowledge, assume all risks, and have a willingness to work in a safe, cooperative manner. • All glass studio users must have a current Craft Center studio pass. • The Craft Center is an educational facility, not a production shop. Studio use is intended for personal projects, not for production or re-sale items. • The Craft Center maintains a strict policy against the making of drug paraphernalia. • The Craft Center reserves the right to refuse service to anyone not meeting the basic use requirements.


What should I wear when working in the Glass studio?

When working in the glass shop you should wear natural, cotton fibers and nothing synthetic. Some people also choose to wear longer sleeves to protect their forearms from excess heat. Closed toe shoes are required. Also, you must wear protective eyewear, which you can borrow from the Craft Center front desk.

What kind of glass do you sell in the Glass studio?

The Craft Center stocks and sells both 96 c.o.e. "soft glass" cane, frit [compatible with furnace glass and fusing glass] and borosilicate tube, rod and color. Please see a glass supervisor or the front desk for more specific information.

If I have taken a paperweights class, what are my options for using the Glass studio on my own?

We require people who have taken a paperweights class to take at least two more intensive, workshops in the Glass studio, such as Beginning Glassblowing and Continuing Glassblowing, to get more experience and to acclimate to the tools before using the studio on their own. We offer a variety of more intensive workshops, please see the Workshops section of our website to see what you may be interested in.