Our fully-equipped Woodworking studio has everything you need to create the project of your dreams. With a state-of-the-art dust collection system, an abundance of professional tools, and a woodshop supervisor, you will feel comfortable chopping, sanding, and sawing pieces to fit your woodworking needs. The studio is suited for furniture construction or other projects.


2, 10” tablesaws 24” planer 10” jointer Surface sander 15” bandsaw 1 3”x36” lathe Slot mortise Square chisel mortise Belt/disk sander Spindle sander Drill press Router table Various hand tools


When is the Woodworking studio open?

The Woodworking studio is open different hours from term to term, and sometimes even from week to week. The best way to stay current is to check the Hours box in the upper left hand corner of the Woodworking Studio page.


What tools do you have available for use in the Woodworking studio?

We have a variety of equipment and tools for use in the Woodworking studio at the Craft Center. http://craftcenter.uoregon.edu/index.php?n=6&sn=12

Is there anyone to help me with a question when I am working in the woodworking studio?

We have woodshop supervisors staffed in the Woodworking studio during the hours it is opened. They are trained with the equipment and can answer questions about safety, joinery methods, and anything else. If you have more involved inquiries about tool training and how to build certain projects, please feel free to register for one of our many workshops where those questions will be answered in depth.

If you do not carry the specific wood type I want to use, can I bring my own?

You are welcome to bring your own wood, however the Woodworking studio does have certain restrictions on exotic woods. You can find a list located at our studio or see a woodshop supervisor for more information. Wood that has been sitting out in a damp environment can also damage the equipment, so please see a supervisor for assistance.