Get your Term Pass

* Currently, no term pass is required to use the Craft Center.

Facilities are currently available only to UO students.


UO Student Term Pass: FREE

UO Faculty, Staff, Faculty/Staff Spouse, or Student Spouse Term Pass: $25

UO Alumni Term Pass: $45 

Community Members Term Pass: $45 [available only when registered in a workshop with a value of $35 or more]

The Craft Center Term Pass is like a gym membership. It is the baseline membership in the Craft Center, and allows you access to the studios and facilities throughout the term. When we’re open, spend as much or as little time as you like in each of our studios, provided there is no class in session*. The Craft Center Term Pass is required for studio access. For students, faculty, staff, alumni, and student/faculty/staff spouses, it is all you need to start enjoying the Craft Center facilities. Passes are free for UO students -- this is your Craft Center. Registration is still required; you can register online or in person. Workshop registration fees and material costs still apply. Community members can also purchase a Craft Center Term Pass! In addition to the cost of the Term Pass, we do require that you enroll in a class valued at $35 or more, but that’s it. You, too, can enjoy using all of our facilities with the Craft Center Term Pass. In most cases, there are no additional tools you will need to start making things today. However, the Craft Center Term Pass also allows you to check out tools and equipment to use in the Craft Center studios! We have them all waiting for you here. *Please note that there are additional hourly rates for Hot Shop and Flameworking Shop.