Paper Arts Workshops

Sunday 1:00-4:00
02/10/2019 to 02/17/2019

Learn some of the basic building strokes of Chinese brushpainting in this introductory workshop. Learn to use brush, ink, watercolors, and authentic Chinese painting styles to paint bamboo, birds, flowers, fish, landscapes, and trees.

Friday 2:30-5:30

Intaglio is a printmaking process where the ink is recessed. Many of the world's finest artworks were created with this method. In this workshop, we'll cover the basic concepts and make a printing plate using easy, contemporary materials, then discover the intricacies of the printing process.

Intro to Book Binding
Tuesday 3:00-6:00

This is an opportunity to make a complete blank book from scratch in just a few hours, from tearing down paper to folding, stitching, gluing, and covering. Materials provided for one book. No experience required.