Frequently Asked Questions

Craft center users

Craft Center Users

The Craft Center is open to all current UO fee-paying students. Community members without a UO affiliation can register for Craft Center workshops each term after the student priority registration period, and can sign up for Open Studio Passes when studios are available. UO faculty and staff are also able to register for workshops, and can purchase Open Studio Passes at a discounted rate.

The Craft Center will make reasonable accommodations for workshop and studio accessibility whenever possible. Most studios have some accessibility considerations in place, but please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.

The Craft Center is not able to accommodate anyone under the age of 18 unless they are a registered and current UO student.

UO Community Cards

UO Community Cards will provide you an ID number necessary to create a Craft Center account on our website. You will need to have an account to register for and attend workshops or orientations, or get an Open Studio Pass.

UO Community Cards are issued through the Card Services office located on the ground floor of the Erb Memorial Union. Community Cards cost $10.

To get a UO Community Card visit You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your legal name.
  • Selfie photo for the ID card.
  • Photo of government ID (e.g. passport, driver's license).
  • If you are a student/staff partner: your partner's name and UO ID number.
  • If you are a UO Alumni

Open Studio Access

Open Studio occurs when the Craft Center is open and a workshop is not being taught. Open Studios allow for participants to work independently on their crafting skills.

Community members not affiliated with the UO must have a Community Card and have a Craft Center account. Any required studio orientations must be completed prior to attending Open Studio.

Community members and UO alumni must purchase a $20 Open Studio Pass at the front desk. This pass is good for 4 continuous studio hours to be used on the day of purchase. One pass per day is permitted. Prorated hourly rates are not available. UO staff and faculty are eligible for a 25% discount on the Open Studio Pass. For information about obtaining a Term Pass, please visit the Studio Pass page for details. 

Open Studio users are required to limit their time in studio spaces to 4 hours, to allow for other participants to use the facilities. The 4 hour time limit is continuous and self-managed. Instructors are not available to teach processes during Open Studio. Setup and cleanup is included in the 4 hours.

Passes are available for all studios, excluding flameworking and glassblowing.

Studio Orientations

Some Craft Center studios require an orientation for use outside of workshop time. Orientations are an introduction to studio policies and operations, but are not intended to instruct in studio or equipment use. An orientation is only for users who have prior experience with the studio practices and tools.

Some Craft Center workshops qualify as an orientation with prior experience. Typically these are single workshops that are at least 3 sessions. Single and 2-meeting workshops do not necessarily qualify. Workshops that qualify as an orientation specify that in the workshop description.

Scheduled orientations are listed on each studio page, and are available during the first part of each academic term. We typically announce the release of orientations via our e-newsletter and social media channels.

To maximize the quality of studio use and maintain an appropriate capacity, we set a limit on the number of studio orientations at the beginning of each academic term. Studio orientation capacity and schedules are based on projected studio use and program requirements for the term. The dates and times are set based on staff availability, and while we try to be flexible when possible, we cannot always accommodate past those times. If you are unable to attend an orientation for the term, you may consider taking a workshop that meets the orientation requirements or finding an orientation time in a future academic term.


Closed-toe shoes are required in the Craft Center. No access will be allowed while wearing sandals or other open-toe shoes.

No open food or beverage containers are allowed in studios. Lidded beverage containers are acceptable. 

Each studio may have additional safety requirements regarding eye and ear protection, loose clothing or hair, etc.


Refunds for workshop registration fees are available up to 5 business days prior to the first workshop meeting. No refund option is available after that point. Withdrawal from a workshop is subject to a $10 withdrawal fee per workshop. Full registration fees will be refunded if the Craft Center cancels a workshop.

Refunds will not be given for Open Studio Passes after studio use has started. No prorated passes are available.

Wait Lists

Craft Center workshops can fill up quickly. After a workshop is full, you have the option of adding your name to a wait list. In the event that a seat becomes available in a workshop:

  • If the start of the workshop is 5 days away or more, we will contact the first person on the waitlist, and give 24 hours to respond (Saturday, Sunday, and holidays excluded). If there is no reply in 24 hours, we will move on to the next person on the waitlist.
  • If the start of the workshop is fewer than 5 days away, we will attempt to contact each person on the list in order, and offer the seat to the first person who responds.

Activity and Craft Kit Request Forms

To request a special Craft Center activity for a group of current UO students, such as an affinity group, a student staff team, or an advisory group, please fill out the Craft Center Student Activity Request form

To request a special Craft Center activity for a UO-affiliated group that is primarily non-students, such as a workgroup, department, or committee, please fill out the Craft Center Non-Student Activity Request form

To request a bulk order of Craft Kits or request materials for a self-guided activity outside of the Craft Center, please fill out the Craft Kit and Materials Request form