When is the Woodworking studio open?

The Woodworking studio is open different hours from term to term, and sometimes even from week to week. The best way to stay current is to check the Hours box in the upper left hand corner of the Woodworking Studio page.


What tools do you have available for use in the Woodworking studio?

We have a variety of equipment and tools for use in the Woodworking studio at the Craft Center. http://craftcenter.uoregon.edu/index.php?n=6&sn=12

What should I wear when working in the Glass studio?

When working in the glass shop you should wear natural, cotton fibers and nothing synthetic. Some people also choose to wear longer sleeves to protect their forearms from excess heat. Closed toe shoes are required. Also, you must wear protective eyewear, which you can borrow from the Craft Center front desk.

What kind of glazes does the Craft Center have on hand?

We offer a range of colors in cone ten (high temp) reduction fired in a gas kiln glazes. They are food safe.

What kind of glass do you sell in the Glass studio?

The Craft Center stocks and sells both 96 c.o.e. "soft glass" cane, frit [compatible with furnace glass and fusing glass] and borosilicate tube, rod and color. Please see a glass supervisor or the front desk for more specific information.

What is the difference between the clays you carry at the Craft Center?

We carry Dakota White, Dakota Red, Mac 10 and Grolleg Porcelain. Dakota White & Red are both stoneware clays where as Mac 10 and Grolleg are Porcelain clays. Dakota White and Red are more user-friendly and perfect for those starting out in Ceramics.

What if I can't find a time section that works with my schedule?

We try to offer workshops with different sections at various time to fit a wide-range of schedules. We're sorry that we can't accommodate everyone. If you have any time concerns or scheduling suggestions, please let us know and we will try and take that into consideration during the next term.

What happens if a workshop is cancelled?

If you register for a a workshop and it later becomes cancelled, we will always try our best to accommodate you by suggesting similar workshops that would suit your interests. We can also keep your information; and when the next term's schedule comes out, we can notify you that the class is being offered again.

Is there anyone to help me with a question when I am working in the woodworking studio?

We have woodshop supervisors staffed in the Woodworking studio during the hours it is opened. They are trained with the equipment and can answer questions about safety, joinery methods, and anything else. If you have more involved inquiries about tool training and how to build certain projects, please feel free to register for one of our many workshops where those questions will be answered in depth.

If you do not carry the specific wood type I want to use, can I bring my own?

You are welcome to bring your own wood, however the Woodworking studio does have certain restrictions on exotic woods. You can find a list located at our studio or see a woodshop supervisor for more information. Wood that has been sitting out in a damp environment can also damage the equipment, so please see a supervisor for assistance.

If I have taken a paperweights class, what are my options for using the Glass studio on my own?

We require people who have taken a paperweights class to take at least two more intensive, workshops in the Glass studio, such as Beginning Glassblowing and Continuing Glassblowing, to get more experience and to acclimate to the tools before using the studio on their own. We offer a variety of more intensive workshops, please see the Workshops section of our website to see what you may be interested in.

I have a great idea for a workshop and would love to teach it. How do I apply?

We are always looking for new and exciting workshops to offer the public. If you have an idea and would like to teach, please download and fill out an application from the Contact page and then drop it off at the Craft Center.

How old do you have to be to take a class? Can I bring my daughter who doesn't go to college yet?

The Craft Center is for college age and older. Children are not allowed in the Craft Center Studios.

How do I get to the EMU Craft Center?

The Craft Center is located in the lower level of the EMU at the University of Oregon. The cross streets for the EMU are 13th Ave. and University St. http://emu.uoregon.edu/about/map

Does the Craft Center have art supplies on hand, for example can I make posters for an event?

While we don't have art supplies on hand for poster making, such as markers, butcher paper, etc... you are welcome to come in and sign-up for a class to make other crafty items!

Do you offer free demonstrations?

Yes, indeed we do! You can find us in front of the EMU next to the fishbowl on some days. We offer demonstrations in ceramics, printmaking, and painting/drawing. If you have any suggestions or things you would like to see, come on by the Craft Center and let us know!

Do workshops ever get canceled?

 Unfortunately, yes.  The Craft Center may cancel a workshop with insufficient enrollment on or before the first workshop meeting. In such instances, the workshop fee will be fully refunded. For workshops that require a studio term pass, you have the option to retain your studio term pass or have the fee refunded. 

Do I need to have previous experience to participate in the workshops?

While some workshops do require you to have previous experience (i.e., Continuing Glassblowing, Continuing Woodworking, and Continuing Fabrication) most workshops are open to all levels! Please check workshop descriptions for more specific information for each workshop.

Can I get a refund for my workshop?

 Refunds for workshop fees are available a minimum of 5 days prior to the first workshop meeting. Workshop refunds are subject to a $10 withdrawal fee. Full workshop fees will be refunded if the Craft Center cancels a workshop. General public members dropping all of their workshops cannot keep their term pass. $15 Intro Specials and Raku Firing are non-refundable. 

Can I buy already crafted items from the Craft Center?

While we don't create items for retail, we do have several Lonely Pot and Glass sales throughout the school terms, selling items left behind in workshops by students as well as individual items made by our Craft Center staff.