From beginning to experienced students, the Craft Center's Ceramics studio provides all the tools and instruction you need to create both fun and functional objects. Through each workshop session, knowledgeable instructors will provide individualized guidance to develop techniques for wheel throwing, hand building, and glazing. Take classes in Beginning Ceramics, Raku Firing, Throwing and Altering, and much more. Tools available at the Ceramics studio include stoneware and porcelain clay, pottery tool kits, clay cutters, foam brushes, knives, probes, sponges, and ribs and trim tools.

At the Fiber Arts studio in the Craft Center, learn all about the world of textiles. Qualified instructors, teaching everything from basket weaving, knitting, basic sewing, felting, and silk painting, are here to provide individualized attention to help you hone your fiber art skills.

The Craft Center's Glass studio is the spot for all your glassworking needs. With different specialties, such as the Flameworking Shop, Hot Shop, Fusing/Slumping Shop, and the Cold Shop, you will be well on your way to creating an array of beautiful, glass objects.

Explore age-old techniques and learn fundamental skills in our Jewelry & Metalsmithing studio. Learn about carving, shaping, sizing, and designing beautiful simple or intricate jewelry. With classes offered in a variety of techniques and skill-sets, there’s something for everyone.

Expand your awareness and visual understanding of the world through drawing. From still life to expressive figure drawing, or acrylic paint to pastel chalks, our Painting & Drawing studio offers a variety of mediums and styles you can work with.

Though we live in a digital world, the beauty of paper art remains important to many and admired by most. In the Paper Arts studio, the Craft Center offers classes in bookbinding, where you can learn to sew paper and bind books with leather, as well as presentation techniques and working with mat board.

In the Photography studio at the Craft Center, all your photo taking and printing needs will be met. Refresh your skills in black and white photography or learn about the realm of the Pinhole camera. Basic knowledge of the darkroom is required before using.

For all of your graphics and printmaking questions, the Printmaking studio at the Craft Center has the answers you need for screen printing, photo emulsion, wood block printing, and much more.

Our fully-equipped Woodworking studio has everything you need to create the project of your dreams. With a state-of-the-art dust collection system, an abundance of professional tools, and a woodshop supervisor, you will feel comfortable chopping, sanding, and sawing pieces to fit your woodworking needs. The studio is suited for furniture construction or other projects.