Studio Pass

Craft Center Studio Use

Craft Center membership and studio use is free for all current UO students. Log in with your Duck ID to create your free account and become a member. Community members without a Duck ID must obtain a UO Community ID card, then register a Craft Center account using the Sign Up link on the Login page.

Non-students (including faculty/staff, alumni, and community members) will be charged per visit for studio use. Studios are available on a first-come, first-served basis, unless closed for workshops. A visit is a period of 4 consecutive hours per day. Passes cost $20 per visit, and are discounted for UO faculty and staff.

A Term Pass is available to all non-students, and will be sold through week 10 of each term. They apply only to the current term. The Term Pass is good for unlimited visits (limited to 4 consecutive hours per day) to Craft Center studios during open studio time. Term Passes cost $150 per term, and are discounted for UO faculty and staff. Term passes not transferrable or giftable, and cannot carry over to a new term. If you would like to purchase a Term Pass, please set up a Craft Center website account, then email